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A&V Scientific Inc provides consulting services that enhance an organization’s competitive advantage and bottom line savings through expert technical and market knowledge and professional contract negotiation. While contract negotiations can often be adversarial, we strive to create a win-win scenario. Our goal is to create documents that protect the organization and live past the life cycle of the negotiations.

Below are some case studies that might give you an idea of what A&V Scientific Inc can do for you.

List of case studies

A major Chinese textile manufacturers saved over $8M.

The corporate team from a major Chinese textile manufacturer negotiated over several weeks for a new contract for manufacturing equipment. They knocked off 10% off the current price and were ready to sign the contract. After learning about AVS from a friend (a CEO of another company), the CEO of this Chinese textile manufacturer solicited our service. Upon assuming the control of the negotiations, an AVS team quickly assembled valuable information about the products from this company and its competitors. The information included extensive comparison of the product features, reliability, replacement part costs and delivery time, energy consumption, pollution control cost, as well as the pricing information of some recent deals. Armed with this wealth of information, the AVS negotiator enabled the Chinese company to sign the final deal for less than half of the original cost. Starting point: $15.6 million. Final deal: $7.2 million.


A large electronics manufacturer achieved $4.68M in savings and 27% ROI.

A consumer electronics company grew rapidly over the years and became a large multi-national company. In the process, it produced a fragmented and inefficient operating model. With operations in 8 countries, the company was not leveraging its size to achieve process efficiencies or economies of scale. The CIO decided that the company needed a new business and technology infrastructure to support the growth objectives. Not knowing which ERP system to choose, the CIO turned to AVS to facilitate an independent evaluation and selection of the ERP software and implementation vendors. An AVS team engaged five(5) vendors for a six-month evaluation and selection process to identify the best ERP software to meet the unique needs of this company.

By taking a rigorous vendor selection process, the AVS team identified the ERP software which is capable of delivering 97.6% of the functionality required by the client, and secured fixed-costs for the software licenses and implementation services at 38% less cost than benchmark implementation costs for companies of similar size and geographic reach. This translated into $4.68 million in annual cost savings at full system implementation and 27% internal rate of return on investment.

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